The SO Confident


Doors are open! 

Yes, I want in! 

Do you know what the biggest challenge the majority of my clients and women in my community tell me they struggle with?


It’s the lack of confidence to put themselves out there!

‘I don't know what to say.’
‘I could never go live on camera.’

‘I don't want to rock the boat’. 

'I am too shy.’

'I am worried what other people with say.'

But you know what? If you’re not marketing yourself and making sales, you have a hobby. That’s right. A hobby! And I know you are here because you DO want to have a thriving business!

Your business needs sales and to get sales, you need to MARKET YOURSELF WITH CONFIDENCE.

But how do you build confidence? 

Sylvia Otvos Smiling and holding hands together

In this community of like-minded women business owners, we will focus on building your confidence so you can step into the powerful woman you are:  

  • Build Confidence: It's time to put your limiting beliefs aside and change the stories that are holding you back. It's time to go after what you want and stop playing small. It's time to show up as the powerful woman that you are and create expansion for others.  
  • Foster Courage: Through your aligend actions, you will get out of your zone of comfort, you will try new things. You will use your voice to speak your truth, and be seen and heard. All in a safe environment. 
  • Create Connection: In this community, you will create beautiful connections and friendships with the women around you. They will support and encourage you as you move forward. They will also provide accountability every step of the way. They are your champions! 

What the SO Confident Community includes

The SO Confident Community includes

The community will meet weekly and there will be: 

  • Monthly trainings
  • Hot Seat Confidence Coaching sessions
  • Accountability and support to move your projects forward
  • Monthly Confidence and Visibility Challenges
  • Monthly guests to share tools that help build confidence (mindfulness, EFT, self-hypnosis, visualization, etc.)
  • Group Work Sessions (to get sh*t done)
  • Book club 
  • Special events (Happy hour, planning days, etc.)
  • Resource Library
  • Private Facebook group
  • and....FUN! 

VIP ACCESS includes these bonuses



Monthly 1-hour coaching calls with me to delve further into your business and help you move forward faster



Unlimited access to me through Voxer (an instant voicemail app) for shorter more pressing questions

Your Business Besties

are waiting!

I love the CONNECTIONS women make in communities and memberships! My Business Besties are women whom I met in my first group coaching programme years ago and I’m so happy to have them in my circle. They keep me accountable, provide support when needed, and help me raise the bar and be more confident. 


If you know you need help to build your confidence, don’t wait!

Fill in the form if you want to join the SO Confident Community, and we'll send you the details.