Episode 83: Women Playing Big with Speaker, Writer and Women’s Advocate Shari Graydon

Did you know that when it comes to women being cited in Canadian newspapers, they are cited only 30-32% of the time? 

Why are women not speaking up? 

The fact is that many do NOT feel like they are the BEST person to do so. But in reality, they do have the knowledge. They are just not always taking the opportunity to do so. 

Shari Graydon is a women’s advocate, writer, speaker and Founder of Informed Opinions, a non-profit organization that amplifies the voice of women and works to ensure the perspectives and priorities of women in all their diversity are equitably reflected in the news media and integrated into Canadian society.

Join us for our talk with Shari, a woman who definitely plays big!

Shari Graydon

Informed Opinions




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