Episode 46: How Your Personal Brand Helps You Create More Impact

Do we have a personal brand? Yes.
Have we actively cultivated it? Probably not.
Could we do better? Absolutely.

If you answered as we did above, you will not want to miss our conversation with Marina Byezhanova. Marina has clarity, people. Her goal is to inspire 1 million people to scale the reach of their voice in order to stand up, speak up, and be radically authentic.

And she has a personal story that ties intimately to her journey to use her voice. THAT’s something that the Your Next Fifty Podcast gets incredibly curious about how to use your voice.

We can’t WAIT for this conversation to happen.

COMMENT: It’s so amazing to us when women DO find their voices when they align their personal story, and their mission, how the floodgates open up, and all of a sudden there is movement, there is clarity, and there is unbridled passion. And on a personal level, Marina Byezhanova works with Gen X (that’s us – the people who are between 41 – 56 years of age) to brand themselves authentically, and successfully.



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