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You’re a smart, ambitious and vibrant woman entrepreneur in their prime!

As a Visibility coach, I understand the steps needed for you to move your business forward and achieve those big goals you have – no matter where you are on your entrepreneurial journey. Whether you’ve been in business a short while and are ready to make more money and GROW, or you’re ready to hit those multiple 6-figures and SCALE your business to new heights, having a guide to support your growth and keep you accountable will allow you to get there faster and with less hiccups along the way.

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You started your business because you’re a passionate person and want to make an impact on the world. You care about your clients and want them to succeed. You love having the freedom to create the life and business you want. You have an amazing vision of where you want to be, BUT… you feel stuck when it comes to putting yourself out there and telling the world how you can help them. 

Don’t worry – many other business owners feel the same way and I can help you move past the fear, get comfortable being uncomfortable and market yourself with confidence so you can attract more of your ideal clients. 


Personalized One-to-One Coaching

No two women are alike. No two businesses are alike. Which is why I offer personalized coaching depending where you are in your business, what struggles you're having with putting yourself out there, and what limiting beliefs you may have preventing you from achieving your goals. These are different for everyone! With my unique SO Vibrant Framework, we will build your confidence in three main areas: Mindset, Voice and Action. 

All of my coaching programmes include



One VIP half-day where we strategize and put a plan in place for your growth



Bi-monthly 60 minute online calls where we go over your wins, your challenges and bust any blocks that are hindering your success

Library of


Access to my library of tools, documents, training, and resources



Unlimited access to me through Voxer (an instant voicemail app) for shorter more pressing questions

"Brain surgeons can’t perform their own brain surgery! Why should we expect to do everything ourselves?"

Even Coaches

Have Coaches

Running a business is hard. There’s so much to think about and we can easily get distracted by other things, such as kids, spouses, social media or even laundry! This is why I’ve always had a coach to keep me focussed on my priorities. I hired my first coach 3 years into my Doula agency business and she helped me build a team and my business no longer resembles the one I had when we first started working together!

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for You!

I am strongly committed to helping you work smarter and show up powerfully so that you can have a business you LOVE thats supports the abundant life you desire. 


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