7 Tips To Reduce Your Social Media Overwhelm

What is your relationship with Social Media?

I was chatting with some amazing business owners recently about being visible and the topic of social media came up. There was a loud and heavy collective sigh. So big, the building trembled! Now, I love social media (too much so, says my sweetheart) and I thought ‘What?? How can someone NOT like Facebook?!’

These women felt frustrated about HAVING TO BE on FacebookInstagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and all the other platforms out there. Many business owners feel that they MUST be everywhere! That it’s a waste of time. They don’t see the return on investment (which is usually time, or money if you do FB ads). Or they don’t know what to post. That it’s just too much.

What if I told you social media could be fun? That you can enjoy getting to know your clients better? And, in turn, increase your sales?

It’s all true!

Here are my 7 tips to reduce your social media overwhelm:

1 – Pick 1 or 2 platforms

Which ones, you say? The ones where your clients are hanging out! If you work with teens, SnapChat is the place to be. Do you help new moms? They often are on Facebook and Instagram. Do you service corporations or larger businesses? You may benefit from posting on LinkedIn. If you don’t know where they are, ask your clients – they’ll be happy to tell you and share their profiles with you.

Should you be everywhere? Definitely not. Otherwise you’ll spread yourself too thin. Of course, the Nike’s of this world may be on every platform possible, but I often notice they focus their energies on one or two more than the others. Time is precious, so choose wisely.

2 – Pick platforms that you enjoy

Have some fun!  Otherwise you’ll find excuses and won’t post anything. Do you love photography? Instagram is a haven for wanna-be photographers. Do you create recipes or have a food blog? Pinterest is great at showcasing your recipes and sending people to your blog. Love being in front of the camera? Film tutorials for your clients and post them to YouTube.

Not sure what platform you enjoy? Try different ones out for a while and see what resonates with you the most.  I waited a long time to join Instagram, telling myself I wasn’t good at taking pictures. At first, I used other people’s photos (and credited them, of course!) and then started taking my own – and guess what? I really enjoy it now!

3 – Post often enough to be front of mind but not so much you’re a bother

I’ve read so many articles about how often to post, what time to post, what to post it’s crazy. What’s the answer? If you’re new to social media, then start slowly – no need for 5 posts a day. Perhaps start with three posts per week and work your way up to one post per day, or every second day. Again, this is not to feel like a burden! Should you post multiple times a day? Some will say yes, others will say no. See what is right for your market.

4 – Batch write your posts for the week

Having to post something every day can be stressful if social media is not your cup of tea. Taking the time once a week to create 3-4 posts for the following week can really up your game! Find an article to share, create a meme, share a blog post or a fun picture of you in action. And voilà, you’re done for the week! There are also great time-saving applications, such as Hootsuite or Buffer, that let you schedule your posts to your different platforms in advance

5 – Provide interesting content for your clients

This is what social media is all about! It’s not about bragging about how well your biz is doing or selling your products or what you ate for lunch. While we often do post about those things, it’s really about HELPING YOUR COMMUNITY. Once I figured that out, social media made more sense. When you sit down to batch write your content, ask yourself how you can help your clients today. I guarantee you’ll get a lot of ideas! Write or share an interesting article informing them of a latest change in your industry. Take a picture of you and your clients in action to show others what you do. Create an inspiring quote to motivate your clients into action.

6 – Use interesting pictures

Great photos do entice your readers to engage with your community. If you’re not an amateur photographer, you can download lots of free pics from websites such as Upsplash or Burst. You can also pay for subscriptions at Shutterstock or Depositphotos. Or, make friends with a photographer and get tailor-made pics for your brand and products. There are so many options.

7 – Mix business and personal life

Should you just stick to business or should you include some posts about what’s going on in your life? It’s really up to you. I know my own clients enjoy and engage a lot when I post something personal. Now I’m not talking about super personal info that I only tell my BFF. But an occasional selfie with my kids on vacation on my biz page? Sure. Don’t want to include your family? Then don’t. Find the right balance for you and your biz.


Social media is of course only one way to be visible and increase your sales. Does it work? In my business it does! I often have people reaching out because they follow one of my pages or participate in one of my Facebook Groups (something we’ll talk about another time!). Does it require time, energy and thoughtfulness? Yes, it does. But learning to automate a lot of it can really help reduce the overwhelm.

Your challenge: If you’re not on social media, find out where your clients are hanging out and create your profile.  If you are active on social media, up your game by changing up your posts or post a bit more than usual. And tag me when you do! I want to see you what you’re doing.

Together, let’s #moveyourbizforward!


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